About Agroto

We are a supplier of premium quality fresh farm produce. The company aspires to be the most reliable leader in the local and regional agriculture frontier.

Most of our fresh produce are planted in the farm situated about 1,400 meter above sea level on the hilly terrain of Daerah Kinta, Perak. The exquisite elements of high altitude, coupled with equitable climate are suitable for all year round farming thus enabling us to commit to ensuring reliable and sustainable supply of fresh produce throughout the year.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a reliable and leading agriculture-based company producing premium quality, safe and fresh produce with the ultimate goal of providing an enriching customer experience through its commitment to sustainable living.

Our Mission

  • Adopt sustainable and modern integrated farming techniques to produce safe and superior quality for consumption in line with Global Good Agriculture Practice.
  • Demonstration of environmental stewardship by aiming to maintain a balanced eco-system
  • Delivering and exceeding the stakeholders’ expectations by fully committing to the company’s vision

We CARE for our fresh produce!

We believe that every stage count! We take the extra mile to ensure that our produce from Farm-to-Fork are of the greatest quality, freshness and safe to eat. Our dedication to quality produce is apparent through various good practice and innovative measures throughout the entire value chain.

Our crops are grown with a combination of modern and conventional farming techniques: Modern Farming - Greenhouse Farming (also known as Controlled Environment Farming “CEF”), Soilless Hydroponic System and Conventional Open Farming. The various techniques are employed to better control the quality of farm produce while ensuring a consistent and sustainable yield.

Every phase in the integrated farming chain is carefully managed and closely monitored to maintain and ensure the freshness of the crops - starting from soil treatment, seed selection, seedling, nursery, collection and harvesting, cleaning and grading, up to the phase of packing, storage, distribution and logistic.

We have the advantage in technology to enable us to constantly monitor the quality of our fresh produce. In addition to that, we continuously look into areas to enhance efficiency of our farming operations and management so as to ensure good agriculture practice.


We lived by the motto of

Quality . Freshness . Safe-to-Eat!

We dedicate to grow quality, safe-to-eat and fresh produce for the satisfaction of people of all ages. We advocate good agriculture practice and engage passionate people into our organisation who believe in our philosophy.



  • Great taste, texture, aroma
  • Proper and excellent management of farming value chain

Safe to eat

  • Food Safety
  • All fertilizers and pesticides used are within the specification / standards of Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)
  • Produce are lab tested for safety periodically


  • Minimal time required from Farm-to-Fork
  • Careful cleaning and handling help to prolong shelf life of produce
  • Proper storage and packing facility, and excellent distribution practice

Customers’ satisfaction is our pride.

We are dedicated to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and partners through quality produce. Our wish is not only meeting but exceeding the highest quality in our products and service. All our produces are well handled and passed through quality checks at every stage to ensure premium quality, longer shelf life and freshness.

As the saying goes…

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it"

Peter Drucker

With the ultimate goal of providing an enriching customer experience through commitment to sustainable living, we are also aiming to adopt more environmental friendly practices through our chain of excellence.